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Fresh Outlook / EbruTV (TV Appearance)
Somerset, NJ (via Live DC feed)
February 6, 2016

Topic discussed: Game day TV commercials

Sales & Marketing Nation (Podcast)
Rochester NY
April 7, 2015

Topic discussed: Branding 

The Michael Dresser Show (Internet Radio)
Milwaukee WI
April 7, 2015

Topic discussed: The psychology of visual branding

Home Business Happy Hour (Podcast)
April 21, 2015

Topic discussed: The importance of branding for home-based businesses

ACT LOCAL – Marketing for Small Business (Podcast)
White Plains NY
May 12, 2015

Topic discussed: The psychology of visual branding

Technology = Equality (Podcast)
Boston MA
June 14, 2015

Topic discussed: Business ownership and entrepreneurship

Mixed Business Magazine (Podcast)
Melbourne, Australia
August 12, 2015

Topic discussed: Branding and entrepreneurship

Home Business Happy Hour (Podcast)
August 18, 2015

Topic discussed: Branding issues for home-based businesses

Marketing Matters
1110AM Dallas-Ft Worth (Radio/Podcast)
Dallas, TX
Recorded August 17, 2015

Topic discussed: Branding